I’m back

I haven’t been on in a really long time. I just haven’t had the time or the access to a computer to be able to post much. I recently just got a job as a secretary and ad taker at the Oberlin News  Tribune and I enjoy my job. Granted I really would like to be a reporter and but this is a stepping stone in that direction until i can get the money to go back to school and finish. Life has been stressful and chaotic which is nothing new. I now have my brother at home with us and he makes life more bearable and enjoyable. I am working on a several different things. I still have my book that I was planning on writing, my characters haven’t given me direction so i have been working on two other stories. These are short stories nothing that I think will be a book but I write to write. I also have been working on a memoir, or creative non fiction essay. It’s about my life and the things that I have faced and still do face.


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