Inspired by one so small

I am doing my photo story on a subject that hits home with me. I am following a little girl who has been diagnosed with bone cancer around and telling her story of how she is almost done with treatment and looks like she will make a full recovery.

She is such a wonderful brave little girl and doesn’t seem to be phased by anything though i have saw her on a good day before the chemotherapy. I remember the car rides home feeling nauseous and sick. I remember feeling ashamed of my bald head but I never wore a wig.

She doesn’t like her scar on her elbow, and I understand that seeing as I have two scars-one on my chest and one on my stomach. The scar on my chest doesn’t bother me but the other scar made me feel ugly.

I hope to make sure that she knows that life does get better after cancer and the battle makes you a strong person and gives you something to be thankful for.

I have been stressed out with school and work so seeing this girl and being around her makes me take a step back and remember how blessed I am to having a job and to be going to school. I have been inspired to write more about my journey, and about my experience meeting her. It gives me butterflies knowing that I was once in her shoes and that this makes a difference to her. She wants copies of my pictures to put in her scrapbook and I want to make her a little scrapbook or slideshow of her story told through my pictures.

Remember life is short, and some people may have less time than others so make it a beautiful life.