My thoughts on trayvon martin’s tragic death

A loss of life is nothing to be happy about. Death is death. I wish more people would realize that color is just a pigment of the skin and if i could go back in time and change history i would. I would of smacked sense into our founding fathers and maybe the word racism wouldn’t pop up it seems like every time you turn around, oh that was racially motivated and this was racially motivated. I am not saying that it isn’t a possiblity but people wait until the investigation is over. And if there is so much of this racial issues going on then maybe someone who is high up in the government should investigate.  I believe in treating people the way they treat me despite their differences. We are all different in some way but we should learn to respect these differences. Stop blaming the hoodies, its a article of clothing for crying out loud. I understand that perceptions of someone wearing one can make impressions but we must remember to look beyond that. A death of a person is wrong no matter what skin color they are or what color skin the person who killed them is. I pray for his family to find peace and that the truth comes to surface and that people everywhere reflect on the loss of life and that we should treasure each other and punishment fits the crime.


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