Life smacked me in the face yesterday

I couldn’t believe what I heard yesterday. I have never been on the opposite side of the fence where someone that I love has caused a family’s life to be shattered. My cousin was convicted of murder and I heard from another family member that he has been sentenced to life. He allegedly ended someone’s life for what? Supposedly because this man was informant. I am so conflicted. On one hand, he is my cousin and family and I believe he is innocent and this is all a big mistake and then there is the other side, according to the news reports he knew information that only someone who had been there would have known. This will end up bringing hurt and pain to one family and closure to another. He says that he is innocent and there is going to be an appeal filed and we will have to see where this goes. I just pray for my family and the victim’s family. I am angry at my cousin for being stupid and getting himself into trouble, causing his parents and sister more stress and aggravation than they need. If he is innocent then the justice system failed him but I didn’t see the case presented or do not know what evidence that they have on him other than testimony from another drug dealer which truthfully how can you trust a word that comes out of his mouth, there is room for reasonable doubt if the case was bulit on the testimony alone. This is just another reminder to everyone to cherish everyone in this world and treat others with respect no matter how different they are.


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